Making custom banners in Minecraft


Making custom banners in Minecraft

Minecraft's looms can be used as a workbench. Looms allow players to create patterns and colors for the banners that they make or collect in Minecraft. You can either make your own looms or find them near Shepherd villagers in any village within the vast world Minecraft.

Banners are unique Minecraft items that can be made and customized using a Loom. Banners can be made from a variety colors and decorated with banner patterns. They can also be placed wherever the player likes, such as on a wall or on the ground. This guide will show you how to create custom banners in Minecraft.

How to make custom banners in Minecraft

Banners default

A Loom is used to make the base banner. It uses six pieces of wool (or white) and a stick. Below is the recipe.

Minecraft's Education and Bedrock editions allow players to remove the color from a banner and make it white using bleach. This feature is only available to Minecraft: Java Edition users. Java Edition allows you to change the color of a banner once it has been created.

Banners that are only one color can be made and look great. However, players often want to personalize their banners by making their own patterns and applying them to their banners. Banners can be used to customize shields.

Making custom banners

Players must have a banner and some dyes to create a custom banner. They also need to be close to a Loom to craft it. Each slot serves a specific purpose. There are three slots within a Loom.

The next step is the crafting process. It is done in three steps.

Step 1: Place the banner in the designated slot on your Loom. This will be the base for the location of the pattern previews, which will be in slot on right. Below is a visual representation.

Step 2: Next, place the dye in which the colors will be applied in the second slot. This can be identified using the color palette icon. The Loom will display a variety of previews for the banner's patterns. If the player chooses to apply a particular pattern or color to the banner, clicking on one of these previews will show the final banner. Below is an example of the process.

Step 3: The player can click on the banner that contains the new pattern to either use it immediately or add it to their inventory. As mentioned above, banners can be used on walls and shields as well as placed on the ground.

You can also apply six unique banner patterns. Players must find or craft the banner patterns first. You can create the banner “Creeper Charge” using a Creeper head, a piece paper and some glue.